Rank Push Tips and Tricks in BGMI

Looking to rank up fast and reach the highest tiers in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)? Pushing rank requires patience and a focus on survival rather than chasing kills. Rank points are awarded based primarily on your survival time and final placement in matches. To boost your tier quickly, you’ll need to master key skills like making strategic rotations, playing with a coordinated squad, and consistently reaching the final circles.

Understanding the BGMI Ranking System

This guide will walk you through the best tips and tricks to rapidly gain rank points. Follow these strategies to grind your BGMI rank and unlock the top Conqueror tier!

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) uses a comprehensive ranking system to match players of similar skill levels together in competitive matches. Ranks are split into tiers, with higher tiers indicating more skill and experience.

To increase your tier and push rank in BGMI, you’ll need to earn points through matches. Survival time and placement at the end of matches are the main factors that contribute to gaining rank points. Kills also reward some points, but focusing too much on aggression can sabotage your rank push.

Here are some key tips to push your BGMI rank faster and reach the highest tiers.

Focus on Survival Time and Placement

Since survival time and final placement are the biggest contributors to earning rank points, try to stay alive in every match for as long as possible.

Avoid risky plays that could get you eliminated early. Survive through the initial hot drops and mid-game to preserve your placement. Make it to the final circle in as many matches as you can, even if you lose the chicken dinner.

Getting into the top 10 consistently will give you a major boost over time. Top 5 and podium finishes reward even more points. Prioritize your life in matches rather than looking for kills. Kills will come organically as you survive longer.

Play With a Full Squad

Playing with a reliable, coordinated full squad gives you the best chance to place higher in matches. Squad up with friends or teammates around your same skill level who can support each other.

Squad up with higher ranked friends

If possible, try to find teammates who are already ranked higher than you. Their matchmaking rank will give you easier lobbies to gain points.

Use the companion app to find good teammates

Solo queueing can be challenging. The BGMI companion app has a team finder feature to link you with skilled teammates. Good communication and teamwork goes a long way.

Choose the Right Map and Mode

Rank point earnings can vary between maps and modes. Make smart choices to maximize your points gain.

Maps that encourage survival

Erangel and Miramar have more areas to avoid hot drops and boost survival time. Maps like Sanhok with faster pacing and more CQC don’t prioritize placement as much.

Play the classic mode

Play classic mode matches rather than faster-paced arcade modes. The standard battle royale format rewards survival and placement the most.

Improve Your Skills and Gameplay

Pushing rank requires solid individual skills and decision making. Work on key areas:

Work on reflexes and aim

Take more close-range fights and encounters to improve reflexes and control recoil better. Do aim drills in training mode. Mastering weapons will get you more kills.

Make strategic rotations

Learn how to rotate early into the next circle to gain positional advantage. Avoid getting caught out or sandwiched between squads.

Use sound cues to your advantage

Sound is critical in BGMI. Listen for enemy movements to track nearby threats or opportunities to third party fights.

Manage Your Play Sessions

How and when you play impacts your mentality and performance.

Play during peak times

Play ranked during peak times when more serious players are online. Lobbies are tougher but point gains are higher.

Take breaks to avoid tilt

Long play sessions lead to frustration. Take regular breaks to reset mental state and avoid reckless plays that cost rank points.

Master Hot Drops for Quick Points

While risky, hot drops can reward quick kills and points if mastered.

School, Pochinki, Military Base

Try hot dropping into high tier loot areas like the School, Pochinki, or Military Base. Surviving these zones nets big points.

Be the last squad standing

The key is wiping out all other squads in the hot drop area and collecting points from their eliminations. Don’t take a 50/50 fight if low on health or loot.

Play For the Win, Not Just Kills

Kills alone won’t rank you up quickly. While they help, prioritize winning matches.

Make it to the final circle

Consistency in making it to the last zone in matches will get you the most rank points over time.

Win chicken dinners

Ultimately, winning matches rewards the most rank points. Play for the win and your rank will steadily increase.


Ranking up in BGMI requires patience, survival skills, and a focus on placement rather than kills. Stick with a regular squad, master key maps, and play during peak times. Avoid risky plays and prioritize making it to the final circle consistently. With time, your skills and rank will improve. Stay determined in your push to reach the highest tiers.

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