Fix Google Meet Grid View Not Working Issue: Google Meet’s grid view allows you to see all the participants’ videos in a meeting tiled across the screen. This view makes meetings more engaging and collaborative. However, sometimes the grid view in Google Meet stops working suddenly.

Don’t worry if you are facing “Google Meet grid view not working” issue. There are various reasons why this can happen and multiple ways to get the grid view working again. This article will cover all about it in detail.

What is Google Meet Grid View?

The grid view in Google Meet displays videos of all participants in equal sized tiles across the meeting window. So instead of focused big video of who is speaking, you see everyone’s videos including your own as small tiles.

This view helps to easily see everyone’s reactions and responses during discussions in meetings. It enhances collaboration feeling although the video sizes are smaller.

Why Google Meet Grid View Not Working?

There can be various reasons why Google Meet’s grid view stops working properly. Let’s look at the major causes behind it.

Browser Compatibility Issues

Google Meet grid view requires latest browser versions. If your browser is outdated, grid view may not work. Old browsers lack support for new standards required for the feature.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Unstable internet connection or low bandwidth can also break the grid view. Google Meet grid needs consistent high-speed internet to function properly.

Google Account Issues

Sometimes grid view may stop working due to permissions or account issues. Make sure you are logged in with account having access.

Extension Conflicts

Any incompatible browser extensions can conflict with Google Meet code and break features like grid view.

Page Zoom Level

Incorrect page zoom level may also lead to grid view not working issue.

Hardware Acceleration

Lack of hardware acceleration support in computer graphics drivers can affect grid view.

How To Fix Google Meet Grid View

Here are all the methods you can try to resolve Google Meet grid view not working problem:

Update Your Browser

Update to the latest version of browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Edge to use grid view without issues. Old browser versions lack support.

Check Internet Connection

Ensure you have a high-speed, stable internet connection for using Google Meet grid view properly. Minimum 10 Mbps speed is recommended. Also check if there are any proxies or VPN limiting bandwidth.

Use Incognito Mode

Launch an incognito window in Chrome or private window in Firefox and test grid view there. This will rule out any interference from other browser extensions.

Disable Extensions

Temporarily disable all browser addons and extensions and check if that fixes the problem. Some extensions might conflict.

Reset Page Zoom

Reset browser page zoom to 100% default level. Incorrect page zoom can break layouts.

Enable Hardware Acceleration

Make sure hardware acceleration is enabled in your computer’s graphics settings. This allows GPU handling of video rendering.

Clear Cache And Cookies

Clear browser cache/cookies and relogin to your Google account. Old cached data might cause conflicts.

Try Different Device

See if grid view works properly when you access Google Meet from another computer or mobile. Helps determine if the issue is local.

Reinstall Google Meet

On mobile apps, uninstall and reinstall the latest version of Google Meet app from app stores. This refreshes the installation.

Contact Google Support

If the grid view is still not working after trying all fixes, contact Google Meet support for further troubleshooting assistance tailored to your account.

Troubleshooting Tips

Additionally, keep these tips in mind when troubleshooting:

Check Multiple Devices

Verify if the grid view works on other devices like mobile, tablet etc while signed into same account.

Test During Meeting

Actual meeting sessions put more load so test grid view when multiple participants with videos are there.

Grant Permission Properly

Make sure cam and microphone access permissions are properly given to browser and Google Meet app when prompted.


Google Meet grid view not working properly can be frustrating but as seen there can be several reasons for it. Methodically go through the various fixes like updating browsers, checking connections, toggling extensions etc to resolve the problem. Reach out to Google Meet support if issues persist across devices for proper troubleshooting assistance.

When working properly, the grid layout can make meetings lot more engaging and collaborative. Hopefully these troubleshooting tips will help you get it back easily.

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